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Sustainable means when you purchase a Bomē garment, you're investing in your wardrobe and yourself with a piece that will last you a very, very long time.

Our pieces are made by all-natural materials including 100% fine cotton canvas and plant-made buttons. Our garments are stitched for strength, and made to be washed and warn for years to come because it's our belief that things we acquire and create should be. 

Our dyes are all-natural and plant-based meaning we don't sacrifice seas, soils or communities in the pursuit of making beautiful clothes. 

We do not use synthetic materials except in our interior thread for strength and durability. 

Our shipping and packaging materials are made from recycled materials, are recyclable themselves, as well as reusable and plastic-free.

We produce very small batches of our designs with mindful, limited runs so as not to over-produce and use unnecessary materials in the process. 


I believe in fair, living wages, safe and considered working environments, and that the clothes you wear proudly should be made by proud, valued craftspeople. 

Our garments are designed in Austin, Texas by an all-woman team and are sewn in California by a woman-owned and run shop. 

At this time we source our fabrics from around the globe, from India to Japan and the USA, and it is my intention to have visibility into these factories and their working conditions. 


I don't believe in one size fits all clothing, nor do I believe in narrow and unattainable standards of beauty. 

My standard for Bomē is to uncover and celebrate natural, individual beauty and encourage freedom of expression for all women.

Our designs take multiple iterations to develop, sometimes years for certain styles, in pursuit of incredibly tailored and well-fitting clothing that extends across sizes and body shapes.

Most brands of our size offer limited sizing due to resource availability however from the beginning I have disregarded this business advice as a commitment to create a brand where a woman's beauty is defined by her. 

We currently offer sizes 0 to 18 and will look to adjust our ranges as we grow and understand our customer better.


Clothes can make us feel beautiful, stronger and worthy, and that is a powerful thing. However, I believe clothes to be superficial and unnecessary if they remain a means to a narrow end. 

My vision to unlock the bigger meaning of Bomē is to make the exchange between my brand and our customers go further and mean more by reaching more women, and providing more women the opportunity to actualize their potential. 

Each month we make a donation to the nonprofit Camfed, The Campaign for Female Education. For two decades the organization has worked to remove the exclusion of education for young, impoverished girls in sub-Saharan Africa.  

Camfed provides these girls with the critical support, security and resources to complete their education and unlock opportunities for their future. 

With this brand, I am building a village and that includes the women who wear our clothes, who make them, and who benefit from Bomē's existence and go on to impact the world in their own way. 

This is cyclical, sustainable, intentional, and how I define beauty.