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Since I was a kid I've belonged to one great contradiction: a madness for style and an obsession with nature. Growing up I spent summers rambling through the creek catching pollywogs and fish, dreaming of a magical bedroom filled with aquariums that beheld turtles and fish, silk worms and lady bugs. 

My clothes may have been covered in blackberry juice, mud and paint, but they were never without intention. I would go to my friends' houses and borrow their clothes indefinitely. Watch how my brother got dressed then put on the closest thing to it, a tomboy tendency I'll never abandon. Overalls were a staple. I used to spend weekends in my room, pushing around furniture bigger than me to create a new space in which I could dream, painting the walls from baby yellow to coral then lavender and back.

As I've grown up I've found these two inherent affections to be in great juxtaposition. A great irony that confused and paralyzed me as I tirelessly sought my path. Until recently it was lost on me that they aren't contradictions at all. Nature and style are each their own art; their own forms of expression. Ferocious and untamely pursuits of pure unabashed freedom.

With this clarity I involuntarily devote myself to Bomē, the gentle and obvious melding of the duality within me. This brand holds within it the wild confidence only the natural world can give us, and the connectedness of understanding ourselves enough to create our own style; an aesthetic representation of what we value and how we feel at any given time. 

"Somewhere in between, that's where things get interesting. The 'it's not this' and 'it's not that either'. The 'it's both and it's neither'.

Inside all of us exists a duality that can leave us in a spiraling, paralyzing contradiction, or in a treasure trove of a world only the whole of ourselves can manifest.

Bomē is a design studio in Austin, Texas, that explores the cross between the artful expression of style and the soulful connectedness of the natural world. An independent, we facilitate the self-expression, creation and exploration of self through the material while nurturing the possibilities that expose themselves by way of conscious values. 

With love and gratitude,