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August Playlist: Stride

"Got a heart full of redemption" 
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June Playlist: Dive

"oh hell you might as well go all in"
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July Playlist: Double-back

"Good enough to try twice"   
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April Playlist: Feed

"What you're starving for, what fills you right up, indulge that."
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March Playlist: Duality

The recent tragedies have me thinking about our hierarchy of needs. In normal life, all the little things matter. What kind of car we drive, how much money we have in the bank, etc. Then the world flips on its heads, millions of people are bombed, displaced, separated from their families, and either defending or leaving behind everything that's ever been home. Suddenly our worries become small, almost superficial, and nearly unimportant in comparison to waking up at home in the safety and comfort of our beds. These simple and beloved pleasures that become so common we lose awe of how much they mean to our lives as human beings and creatures of comfort.As all of us are, I am deeply saddened for the people...
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Find Your Style, Consume Less & Look Better than Ever

Every woman has a closet or drawers filled with jeans they kind of like but if we're being honest, don't love. My expectation for loving a clothing item is that 1) every time you put it on you know you look good 2) it fits you in a way nothing else does and 3) when you have nothing to wear, it’s a piece you can always rely on. Most women don't have a single pair of jeans they feel this way about. Personally, I'd rather have one perfect pair of jeans than 10 or 20 pairs I feel just okay about. Here's 5 reasons why: It's a waste of space. Your closet or drawers are smooshed, cluttered and you can't...
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The Story of Bomē

Bomē — pronounced like ‘homie’ is what my family called my great, great grandmother who was born in the late 1800’s. I’ve only seen a picture of her once which was also the first time I heard about her. 
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January Playlist: Yum

Somewhere between love and leisure. 
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December's Monthly Playlist: Fornever

Not your grandma's playlist but this one she might like.
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